The electronic cigarette is quite simple to use

However , like any grip is the use that we make small adjustments.

Here are some tips to improve your experience vapotage.

- For new clearomizer , once the filling is let wicks the time to soak
- Do not hold upside full clearomizer . This prevents any possibility of leakage and the e- liquid does not penetrate into the atomizer
- Always fill a clearomizer when the level reaches half of the tank. This prevents the risk of burning taste
- Take long aspirations , 3-4 seconds. Your hit will be even stronger.
- The clearomizer a life of approximately 3 weeks 1 month to see if it is still operating , carry your electronic cigarette in your ear, press the button and if the clearomizer emits regular pschittt is that it is good if it emits an irregular pschitt or sound you need to replace .
- Store your e- liquid away from light and at room temperature
- If a migraine occurs, it may be that you are ” overdose ” of nicotine. Stop immediately and wait a bit before resuming vapote . If when you resume the headache persists it may mean that you have made ​​the choice of e -liquid nicotine too dosed or you vapotez too.

The electronic cigarette is unfair competition for tobacconists from the Tribunal de Commerce de Toulouse

The court of Toulouse ‘s verdict on the complaint filed by a tobacconist against his neighbor vendor of electronic cigarettes.

The court ordered the seller to electronic cigarettes to stop his activity constitutes unfair competition and violated the state monopoly on the sale of tobacco.

Tobacconists trying for months to recover ll’exclusivité distribution of electronic cigarettes in the territory will regroup. They expected to be able to rely on case law.

This ruling will set a precedent.

Their confederation announced the verdict before she invited all tobacconists of France to do the same in case of favorable court decision.

It’s done! Yet it may seem strange because the electronic cigarette does not fit, under the law, in the category of tobacco products and is not officially recognized as an aid to smoking cessation.

The Commercial Court nevertheless considered that substitutes tobacco fell laws on tobacco.

The strangest thing is that literally inhaling smoke is the result of burning tobacco.

This uncertainty led Professor Dautzenberg to propose to the Minister Marisol Touraine creating a PET category 2 ( Referring Tobacco Product ) for a base on which the legislature could rely.

The seller’s solicitor electronic cigarettes appealed the decision. This appeal is suspensive, the seller will continue to sell e- cigarettes to the beard of his neighbor tobacconist, at least until the next episode.

Composition of e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes?

Like all vapours, you’ve probably wondered what could well contain liquid for your electronic cigarettes.

After all, you suck the steam and even if now you know that steam is much less harmful than regular cigarettes smoke, you want to understand what are manufactured with your fluids. You’re absolutely right , this article aims to enlighten you on this for.

Nicotine in liquid, what dosage should I choose?

This is probably the first question posed by vapoteurs when they are faced with all the products available.

Know that there is a very simple technique to determine the amount of nicotine that you choose . Why rely on one week the number of cigarettes you smoke killer , then divide by 7 to get a daily average . Then look on your pack of cigarettes and multiply your result by the latter part of the assay. You then get a result that is your personal dosage.

You know, the available assays are generally 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg . If your result is not exactly what dosage, know that you can create intermediate dosages to ensure proper dosage. If for example you get 9 mg of nicotine after your calculation , buy a bottle of 12 mg and another 6 mg, the same taste ( this is important) . Pour in half of your tank and 12 mg replissez the second half of 6 mg. Here, you have 9 mg is as simple as that .